User Experience Network

TetraLogical is a company with inclusion at its heart. Our focus is on emerging and existing technologies, customer experience, and research and development, combined with traditional consultancy.

We help organisations make their websites, apps, conversational interfaces and other services enjoyable to use by people with permanent, temporary and situational disabilities - all of us really.

We have a network of people who use assistive technologies, alternative input devices, or platform accessibility services. From time to time we ask people from across the network to use a new or existing product or service and give us their feedback.

We are looking for people with different disabilities, older people, and people who use assistive technologies and other accessibility services. You might be asked to take part in a single session of an hour or so, or a longer exercise where we'll ask you to keep a diary as you use a service over a few days or weeks.

You do not need to be an expert in technology (or any other subject). If you're asked to take part in a study you'll always be given clear instructions and help if you would like it.

It's all done remotely so there is no need to travel, especially during these uncertain times. We also recognise that your time and opinions are valuable so you'll be compensated for the time you give us.

If you would like to join our User Experience Network and help us make online services better for many people, we'd really like to hear from you. Please complete our registration form or email us at uxnetwork@tetralogical.com.